Wave Basket (Basabasa)


This Handmade basket is shaped like a bowl but with designs like the waves from the sea. Hence it’s name as wave basket.
Popularly known as basabasa basket in Bolga the home of baskets.
It’s good for collecting fruits, storage purposes, decorations basket ,

Items : 1 x Basabasa Bolga Basket

Material: Elephant Grass

Origin: Ghana(Bolgatanga)

Hand-woven in Ghana made using wild elephant grass and natural botanical colours and it’s eco-friendly. Basket can be used for storage, grocery shopping or décor. We use quality materials in making our products hence they are durable, quality and unique.

Every Purchase helps to support our local women weavers committee earning them a sustainable income. Hence providing livelihood and job security for years.

We offer retail and wholesale services, we can ship any amount of baskets required.
Kindly send inquires and bulk orders through our contact ,if you have any queries we are always available to help answer them.

How to Shape your basket.

Baskets are shaped pressed inward during shipping, to reshape sprinkle water on the entire basket ,and straighten it with your hands to get the shape back allow basket to dry afterwards.

Note: Baskets are shipped within 3 working days from Ghana and it takes 7-10 working days for delivery to be made. Tracking number will be provided after postage.


10 inches wide at the bottom

12 inches deep

22 inches wide at the top

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